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Practice: Challenging Yourself

1 year ago

Tom Raynor

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Challenges, according to Stephen Joseph Ph.D. in Psychology Today, are ‘an important part of growing and developing as a person.’In music practice, challenging passages and pieces help develop musicians and progress musical education. Within a piece, all musicians will have areas that they find comfortable and challenging and the temptation can often be to stay within our comfort zones and practice the easier parts. However, if we want to improve then we need to focus on the areas that challenge us the most. John Holmes, ABRSM Chief Examiner, suggests focusing practice on the more challenging sections until they too become manageable, ‘because as long as there is unevenness in terms of where your playing is at ease and comfortable, and where it is not, this will impinge on the success of your performance.’ Success in music is determined in the practice stages and when you are considered what and how to practice, aiming for the challenges will bring these difficult areas into the same levels of comfort as the easier sections; enabling musical progression.A good way to ensure that the more challenging areas are focused on is to create practice goals and at the end of the session reflect back on the progress that has been made and the areas that continue to need development. Practise right with ABRSM Music Case. Music Case is a free practice tracking app helps you to organise and reflect on your practice, making practice time more effective. #Practiceimproved References:



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