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Practice: it’s never not worth it

1 year ago

Tom Raynor

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In relation to music practice, one of the most common things John Homes, ABRSM Chief Examiner, hears people say is: “it’s not worth it! I only have ten minutes; it’s not really worth practising.” We’ve all thought it and we are living in a world that is filled with immediate and pressing demands on our time. There isn’t a lot of time and so we put off doing things, like practising. It’s an easy habit to fall into; you might have to get your instrument out of its case, put it together, and you might think to yourself: it’s not worth it… However, it’s never not worth it! As John suggests, ‘if you add up all the ‘it’s not worth it’ moments, five or ten minutes here and there, over the years of learning an instrument, it adds up to a lot of time.’Five or ten minute practising sessions can be invaluable. The key is ensuring they are as efficient as possible. Tools such as ABRSM Music Case that enable clear goal setting keep learners on track. By making short practice sessions more effective, learners can progress better which will in turn increase their motivation to keep learning.So if you’re thinking five minutes isn’t worth the effort, remember it is never not worth it! Practise right with ABRSM Music Case. Music Case is a free practice tracking app helps you to organise and reflect on your practice, making practice time more effective. #Practiceimproved



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