Enjoy the CBSO’s MusicBox activities at home!

Created by violinist Georgia Hannant, MusicBox is a series of ten short videos designed to encourage children to sing, think about and participate in music. Each session will begin with songs taught in Solfa – a method of learning and reading music which uses seven note names for a scale (‘Do’, ‘Re’, ‘Mi’, ‘Fa’, ‘So’, ‘La’ and ‘Ti’), with a hand signal for each syllable. Children will experience a short piece of music designed to encourage creative activity, or simply to relax and listen to, and worksheets are provided with follow-up activities for the children to do in their own time or together with family. The sessions aim to cater for a variety of musical levels and abilities, from complete beginners to budding instrumentalists.

Find out more: https://cbso.co.uk/musicbox

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